AVR  Products


Perfect time-saver for repeat number by hand stamping.
Serial numbers part numbers, or code numbers can be marked on steel, aluminium, brass, etc.
Compact design, so it can be carried to mark components.
Ideal for steel producers.
Marking Wheels' can be rotated to any desired position, then locked positively by a locking pin.
Individual release : Which means one wheel can be released at a time, without disturbing set-up of other wheels (The locking pin can be pulled to release just that one wheel).
No loose parts. The unit is complete, compact and sturdy tool-always ready to use.
Wheels made from special Tool Steel, heat-treated for high wear resistance.
All Parts treated to remove scale and plated to resist rust.
Each ‘Marking wheel’ has 11 face with 0 to 9 figures on 10 faces, and one face blank. Stamping is done by a Hammer; and resulting impression is uniform in depth, spacing and alignment of any figure set up.


Wheels with alphas instead of figures.
Special Calligraphy.
Also, a shank style Rotary Type Numerator suitable for use on a press.
10 Character per wheel in any desired combination.
Bigger character size.